Monday, December 8, 2008

Let Him Go

Obviously the big news is the auto makers problems. A few observations. One, let the CEO go. Seriously, giving this man money to revive GM is like handing a drug addict another dose of heroin. If he can't do the job why would you give him more funds? I've wrestled with this one. I think that if the government loans the big 3 money, then fire the top execs. They aren't getting the job done. I also feel that if the union leaders weren't so greedy and driving up the costs of a company, they too, should be held responsible.

Finally, are people crazy? This whole debacle of a store employee and a pregnant woman being trampled upon for a Walmart blitz is incredible if not ridiculous. It's reprehensible that people would trample over a lady that is pregnant so they can get the latest gadget. As my chiropractor's office manager said, "Anymore, in this country, it's all about us!" She is right. People are so into themselves anymore it isn't even funny. Even Christians. We'd rather be entertained than ministered to. We'd rather be ministered to than minister! It really is a sad state. It seems so many have become obsessed with self. I have harped home this point so often: We will fall like Rome did. It's only a matter of time. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon us all. For those who are truly living selfless lives, I applaud you. Paul the apostle said it best, "I count all but loss except to know Christ and him crucified." Yes, he did say it the best.


  1. I'm just guessing that "Chelle" is only using your blog to promote hers. I really hate it when folks do that. Or, maybe I'm totally wrong and you know her.

    Anyway, I think you know my thoughts on the auto industry. It's obvious that there needs to be some new accountability with these companies. In the long run, things could get better if we learn how to run this industry a new way.

  2. Roger,

    I don't know her. And...I'm deleting her comments now. I hate it too, when people use self-promotion on someone else's site.

    Thanks for the feedback on the auto industry!